3 Acres, Westfield

3 acres

Property Owner:

Private non-farming landowner

Contact Name:

Rob Sherrill

Property Location:

637 Tenney Hill Road, Westfield, Vermont
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The Land

Total number of acres available with this property:


Total acres available for agriculture:


Acres of forested land:


Acres of cropland or tillable land:


Acres of pasture:


Other open and/or non-farmable land:


Quality of land:

I don't know quality, I'm hoping you can tell me. I'm happy to pay for soil samples and will be doing so soon. It's very sandy, hence well draining, sumac likes it.

Farm Information

Water sources present:


Water sources details:

It's an old hand pounded shallow well. Old timey hand pump for it but not installed. I would be skeptical of it for irrigation, less so for animals.

Barns and sheds:

None available

Farmer housing:

None available

Equipment and machinery:

None available

Equipment and machinery details:

I have an old Mitsubishi mt372 I bought for working this small plot. I'm working on getting it started. It may or may not work out. I have no implements yet, was planning on acquiring them over time.

Tenure Arrangement

Tenure arrangement:

Property for rent


Property for rent:

No rent.

Additional Information

Looking to have soil/plot improved. I would pay for perennials (looking for berries, asparagus, rhubarb) and trees (apple,pear, cherry, and nuts), fencing and equipment (as I can afford it). I work full time and this is a retirement "farmette”. It's smaller, flat, sunny, easily accessible. You can raise goats, fowl, cow, whatever. I might be able to build you sheds, but a barn is unlikely. It has frontage on 91N, a free hundred feet from exit 8, maybe a great farm stand location.

It was plowed last year but sumac and poplar and weeds have grown back. I'm looking for a tiller.

You would have mostly total control of the land for at least 5-6 yrs, likely 10, and maybe forever. I don't think I would sell it, to you or anyone else. If you wanted, I would lease it to you for 5yrs for $1 per year and renew anually or another 5 years automatically after that, depending on how legal you wanted to get.