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I interned at Polyface Farm in 2016 and moved back to RI to start Deep Roots Farm that fall. I raised grassfed beef, pastured pork, and pastures poultry. I have operated on leased land and am now searching for my forever home throughout New England. Before farming I studied business in college and worked in marketing for five years in California. I plan to use the USDA Farm Ownership loan, which you can’t get prequalified for but my FSA agent said I almost definitely will get approved because of my farm’s growth! My farm’s website is

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My ultimate vision is to run my farm with a small agritourism component that includes 1-2 luxury yurts to rent out on AirBnb. I want to find a farm where I can eventually raise a family and be sustainable environmentally as well as financially and in a quality of life sort of way. My farm business has grown from 27k to 165k in gross sales in four years and I have the business knowledge to run an efficient operation. I would love to find a farm with 50-100 acres and 35-70 of that being pasture.