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Greetings. My name is Tracy MacLachlan, I am just north of 50, and current working partner and CFO of a 20 acre hemp farm operation in CT. I have experience working in the past with vegetables, land clearing and tobacco and have had some experience with dairy cows and goats. I also have a background in business, both in the corporate world as well as owning my own. My skill base is in purchasing, operations, project management, general construction, including basic plumbing and electrical and I am a licensed massage therapist. My colleague F. Lacer Hayes is also just north of 50, Irish born and raised on an organic, sustainable farm, a Master Bee Keeper, a fisherwoman, has extensive coding and computer experience as well as a myriad of other skills and currently resides in the Pacific Northwest. We are looking for a business partnership, lease or purchase opportunity to develop a self sustaining agricultural retreat and educational farm. We're looking for at least 20 acres and housing or the ability to establish it is a must.

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For us, a successful farming business would mean the opportunity to serve and promote healing and hope through connection with the land. We have been specifically looking at a way to provide opportunities for Veterans and our goal is to develop a non clinical, therapeutic, collaborative learn to work/work to learn model. We want to build our business on the tenets of sustainable, organic farming to promote self sufficiency while also building relationships in community. We hope to provide a working agricultural retreat as well as a longer term working and educational internship. Our thought is to utilize CSA, farm to table, and direct sales of products and to further supplement income via agro-tourism and participant sponsorship. However, we are open to a variety of models and options, as more importantly for us is the service and education aspects. We look forward to hearing from you!

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