Farmer Profile for Abbie Senesac Lopez

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Ober Lopez

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B.S in Equine Studies and Agricultural Management from Vermont Technical College in Randolph Ctr, VT. 20+ years in the horse industry 5 yrs employed with Claussen's Greenhouses as a Greenhouse Technician (Colchester, VT) 10+ years personal experience with small-scale gardening 2 yrs experience raising broiler birds

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Doesn't matter

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Ideally would have some type of tractor available, but not required.

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Farm Manager
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Work to Own (Gradual Transfer of Responsibility & Farm Assets)

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Maybe (Please send me information)

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I am a horsemanship instructor with an agricultural background. I am looking for a property on which to expand my horsemanship offerings to include a small number of boarders as well as horses in training and lesson offerings. We currently have a small broiler bird operation with sales direct-to-consumer that we'd like to expand. Also have plans put together for a small pasture-raised beef herd (Dexters). I am primarily interested in having the property function as a system, where cattle are managed from horseback to provide exposure and training experience for the horses as well as minimize stress on the cows. Pasture land would be rotated in a closed systems so birds are following horses/cattle to spread manure, aerate land and fertilize.