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Alex Holl

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Hello! My name is Angie Lucian, I grew up in the small town of Pittsfield, Vermont! During the summers I would work landscaping and gardening gigs around mid Vermont to get my hands dirty after long shifts in the restaurants. After graduating from college in Burlington, I made the move west where I fell in love with farming. I lived off grid in northern California for 4 years raising pigs and goats and growing food for our small off- grid community. From there I moved to Portland, Oregon to manage a large scale vegetable and flower farm. I manage the CSA program, handle all of the irrigation and field work as well as helping the pack house, tractor work, deliveries, etc. I've worked here for 3 years along with raising pigs each summer on the farm with my partner Alex Holl. We raise our pigs for our small catering business here in Portland and cure our own meats for months/years at a time before selling. Alex was also born and raised in Vermont and we are looking to get back to our roots to start something beautiful on the land we love and miss!

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Dairy (cows)
Maple Sugaring
Row Crops

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Maybe (Please send me information)

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Small-scale diversified vegetable and livestock farm, based in Vermont with a focus on sustainable farming and local engagement. Founded by two culinary and horticulture experts, we strive to merge sustainable foods & community. The business will sell locally –grown crop and responsibly raised proteins for the community.   Key Business Operations: wholesale vegetables and animal proteins to local restaurants, direct to consumer sales via CSA (Community Support Agriculture) and local Farmer’s Markets, on-site dining venue for small-scale events and intimate culinary experiences. Management Team: Alex Holl is the cofounder of the lucrative catering company Spatzle and Speck, located in downtown Portland, OR. For the past 7 years, Holl an experienced farmer, has provided the vegetables and animal proteins for his catering company. He continues to expand his knowledge of sustainable farming. Over the past decade, Lucian managed various businesses within the hospitality sector. Most recently, she has worked at a large scale production vegetable and flower farm in Portland, where she oversaw the field and irrigation aspects of the farm and further expanding her knowledge of the wholesale …. Being an 100% restaurant and wholesale farm Angie was in charge of recreating a business plan for the farm to stay in operations for the 2020 season. She quickly created a CSA program and a weekly vegetable/flower share alongside the owner finding a way for the farm to continue receiving income. Her dream of caring for animals and providing safe and healthy proteins and produce would be coming true at the new farm in Vermont.