Farmer Profile for Lucian Boruga

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Adam Kozik

Please describe your past and/or present farming experience

We are growing our small group of first fresheners and dry stock. Our goat management emphasis is herd health, quality land, rotational pastures, and the natural seasonal diet. We will be doing on-site cheesemaking for local markets. As a small farm our focus is to merge our work, to a place we love, and produce a delicious natural food that is of its place. We had a three year farming apprenticeship on a twenty acre farm we owned in New Hampshire. Our goal to work in diversified farming areas to discern our future venture was a success. Small batches of fresh goat milk cheese were produced. Technical support was found through study, cheese making consultations, and lots of trial and error. Economic solutions for farm solvency led to value added product formation. A strong network to market our product, in a place where there was a in-demand for it, had to expand.

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A small dwelling suitable for living is needed. Barter or lease arrangement can perhaps be made in exchange for necessary farming equipment.

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Apprentice with a Farm Owner for a Year or More
Lease with Option to Buy
Long-Term Lease
Owner-Financed Sale
Standard Sale
Work to Own (Gradual Transfer of Responsibility & Farm Assets)

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We will minimize debt through doing most of the work ourselves. We will build up infrastructure, pasture, as well as our cheese and aging facilities over time. Supplemental income streams from direct farm product sales are possible. Our market and customer base will align with locally sourced seasonal food, specialty food markets, and the natural ecology where it is made. We will maintain a small carbon footprint, and by doing so, allow the increase of natural fertility to enhance our operation.