Farmer Profile for Peter Perry

Co-Applicant / Spouse Name

Jenn Martin

Please describe your past and/or present farming experience

Jenn grew up on a farm where she raised chickens, turkeys,beef cows, Jerseys, horses and what ever else she could talk her dad into. She loves the hard work that goes into raising healthy strong animals. There isn't much she cant figure out how to raise and she has a very strong support system of knowledgeable farmers who are always willing to lend advise and an extra hand when needed. Peter grew up watching his grandfather on his farm, helping when he could. He has spent a few years working different dairy farms, putting up hay and herd health. Peter has a very strong head for business and has been very successful running different types of business, able to keep costs low and profits high.

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Farm Manager
Lease with Option to Buy
Long-Term Lease
Work to Own (Gradual Transfer of Responsibility & Farm Assets)

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Are you interested in conserved farms?

Maybe (Please send me information)

Do you have a business plan? Please write an informative description of your vision & goals for your farming future.

Our vision is to raise Boer meat goats to supplement our financial desires for our breeding ducks and laying ducks, We plan on raising and bringing back Silver Apple yard and Australian Spotted duck breeds which are on the endangered species list. We use only local and trusted duck farms for our flock. We will be enviromentaly friendly and give back to the community as much as we can. Our goal is to be self- sustaining and bring a great tasting duck egg to the community and increase our flock numbers by 200. By 2020 we plan on having profits of over $100,000 by selling duck eggs, goat lotion and soaps and meat goats. In two years we will be experimenting with goat lotion and goat soap to add to our sellable list. We plan on being in the top ten in Vermont for duck egg production.