Farmer Profile for Rob Terry

Co-Applicant / Spouse Name

Cynthia Terry

Please describe your past and/or present farming experience

I have experience growing and selling raspberries at local markets. I've worked in greenhouses growing vegetable, herb and flower seedlings for many years. We also have experience growing greens in cold frames throughout the Northeast winter. We currently run an organic school garden program at an elementary school that we fund and built 8 years ago on what was once an empty lot. We practice perennial growing, seed saving, bio-intensive planting, permaculture growing, composting, harvesting rainwater to irrigate the garden, and teaching children how to grow food and respect nature. I designed, coordinate, and manage the garden, which includes crop planning, and my wife, who has worked in a variety of school settings for over 17 years, is the garden coordinator and runs the garden activities with the children. This year, because of COVID, she has been running an outdoor classroom in the school garden.

Are you currently farming?


Are you interested in connecting with other farmers to explore collocation or collaborative farm ideas?


Counties being considered

Grand Isle

What is the primary agricultural enterprise you are considering?


What other enterprises are you considering?

Maple Sugaring

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Lease with Option to Buy
Owner-Financed Sale
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Standard Sale

Are you interested in conserved farms?

Maybe (Please send me information)

Do you have a business plan? Please write an informative description of your vision & goals for your farming future.

Our plans to relocate to Vermont have been slightly delayed due to the pandemic, but we are determined now more than ever to make this move to start our farm. There is a real need to preserve our food system and to provide healthy and nutritious food for everyone, especially during these difficult times. This has been our calling for such a very long time and now it's finally time to make that career change to do something that is fulfilling and much needed. We own a house in Connecticut which we will be putting on the market this summer as we finish our renovations. We are planning on moving to Vermont to run a small organic market garden / farm. We would like to find a house with land to farm (to either rent with option to buy, or to purchase). I run my own architectural design / furniture making business which I will be moving as well. I plan on running the business part time to generate additional income while we are building our farming business. We plan on growing and selling organic and heirloom seedlings (grown in our greenhouse), vegetables, and also growing and selling culinary and medicinal herbs. We also plan on growing berries, fruit and nut trees with the intention of creating a homestead garden for our own use plus extra to sell at local farmers markets. We would love to find a farm that has the opportunity for a roadside stand or an outbuilding we could use to sell right from the farm. My wife is planning on operating a nature education center so if the property has an outbuilding that can be used as a classroom, that would be helpful, but not necessary. We have experience successfully growing on a smaller scale (1/2 acre) and running a school garden and wish to expand our efforts to not only feed ourselves off the land but provide food for others as well. I am also interested in growing medicinal herbs and flowers and am currently taking an herbal certification program. We are not just looking for a farm, but a community to become a part of where we can become an integral part of supplying healthy, organic food. We are both passionate about growing healthy food, natural living and preserving the land. We wish to create a profitable farm, homestead and a oasis in nature to spend the next chapter of our lives. We have been dreaming about living and farming in Vermont for the past 25 years and now that both our children will have left the nest we can finally embark on this next chapter of our life.