Organic 38 Acres in Brattleboro w/Greenhouse for Lease or Invest

39 acres • $225,000

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Farmer or farm family

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799 Upper Dummerston Road, Brattleboro Vermont
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The Land

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Significant forest resources for timber (oak and pine), woodlot, and forest grazing, and recreation/trails/nature. Property is bounded on two sides by brooks, a nice waterfall on one, some historically used for animal watering and for filling a 1/4 acre pond. Some land around farmhouse best suited to perennial growing and on-farm sales.

Quality of land:

Organic! Statewide agricultural soils (including Warwick) with good drainage, most in pasture and hay historically. Good soil structure. In year one I tilled one former horse paddock and it went through drought looking great with heavy compost and minimal irrigation.Beautiful, rolling pasture bounded three sides by forest and newly fenced for grazing. Some open hilly areas best for perennials or more grazing. I also have 2 acre tilled parcel half mile away for production. I couldn't believe the productivity of the soil I tilled, and the pasture held up through drought. Irrigation is readily available. I had portable pump/filter assembly but ended up doing fine with residential well. Best suited to diversified operation, expanding of perennial crops, and direct market/agritourism based sales. One of the best aspects of the land is its layout. It lies right on Upper Dummerston Road, with the house and barn just off pavement in high visibility area for planting/farmstand/marketing/interracting. Two acres exist on that plane for cultivation or whatever, along with the farmstead. Then there is a drop ; alone that drop there is a pond site to right/south of barn (private, below house) and more unfenced grazing or potential for trees/shrubs/perennials (good air drainage and eastern aspect). From this level the field spreads out before you, bounded on all sides by forest except one abutter. It is like another world, but so close to town. This main field is newly fenced for pasturing cattle, with three access points and a full perimeter tractor/truck access. I've since cleared more brush/invasives so the fenced pasture could be increased. THere is very little invasive pressure and significant privacy/quiet. No chemical have been used.

Farm Information

Water sources present:


Water sources details:

Productive residential potable well with submerged pump . Water from that irrigated the gardens this dry year; enough to water at night with drip. Deed includes springhouse across the street from property and pipe running down to the pond site or to fill trough. Brook is easily accessible to pasture and set up to be water source for pond, cattle.

Barns and sheds:


Farmer housing:


Farmer housing details:

This is a beautiful place to live. 1-Bedroom Apartment for one or two people in beautiful 1830s farmhouse; wood floors, big windows, full bath, kitchen, south facing porch, Laundry hookup. Renovate barn apartment or you or I build super small new energy efficient house also possible.

Equipment and machinery:


Equipment and machinery details:

Kubota l3800HST w/bucket, 5'machio medium duty tiller, 5' rotary cutter, and forks. Excellent condition <150 hours. Mechanical venting greenhouse with roll-up; Coolbot cooler equipment; All plant-starting equipment - efficient lights, shelving, heat mats, greenhouse. All tools, mower, hand spinner, perennials, just about everything but truck.

Farm infrastructure details:

2 1/2 story barn, long south-facing roof, 3 stalls & chicken house, tractor storage, hayloft, workshop, plant room.,+ New Rimol greenhouse 26x72, inflated double IR poly, all wiggle wire, locust, electric and water. 10x16 unfinished cabin with chimney. Mobile drip irrigation equipment. Coolbot/AC cooler and tools.

Tenure Arrangement

Tenure arrangement:

Property for rent


Property for rent:

Lease or lease with purchase option. Lease to co-own with a $25,000 refundable downpayment and $2,000 month, 3 year renewable. Or lease for 6 or 12 months $2,000/month with minimal up front investment ($10,000 first, last, and security) and have access to my housing, land, barn, and equipment.

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Additional Information

Dear Farm Lessee or Co-Buyer - 

This place is beautiful and has everything needed for a small sustainable 4-season operation in a neighborhood with over 200 conserved acres, 2 other working farms, and some wealthy drive-by customers and great neighbors. Just minutes from library, swimming holes,  fun downtown Brattleboro with movie theater and arts. Within long distance market range to Boston, Hartford, NY. This is a beautiful, peaceful place to make heading outside to work a joy and the same for campers and customers coming to the farm. For a diversified, small direct market operation and agritourism/farm education it has a special charm. There are many places further afield that are much less expensive, but after years managing a farm I find the number one issue is market not production - and Brattleboro is a very special community with a fantastic Farmers' Market, year-round, and a local Coop. 

Brook Meadow Farm is turnkey. I put in greenhouse with electric, plumbing, newly tilled 2 acres, contract for grazing and new pasture fence, cooler equipment, tractor and implements. But I also took a full-time job to support myself and my teenager. I'm looking for an enthusiastic and capable business partner to share the opportunity and the excitement of building a sustainable, small-scale, quality driven operation. Sharing the work and investment and the profit is the best way to maximize the potential of this 38 acres to create a more just, joyful and sustainable life and leave time and financial breathing room to do some other things. 

This is not my first time at bat - I'm 50 and starting over post-divorce with years of farm management experience and direct experience with how important equity protection/documentation is to protect our investments down the line. I bring creative vision, organic flower and berry experience, customer service/marketing, and knowledge of state and national farm resources and successful grantwriting/planning. I  love working on integrated systems, energy systems, and farm infrastructure. I am a good facilitator and collaborator, but also enjoy working for hours in silence. I am very good for early mornings, short intensive bursts of fieldwork, hard hand weeding early and late in the day, slow careful seeding with high success transplants in greenhouse, dividing/propagating perennials, flower arranging, sales, signage, packing syrup, tractor work for hours. I'd rather weed than pick, and prefer greenhouse seeding and transplanting over field planting. And I run field trips, camp, adult workshops and enjoy managing staff. That said, I am flexible - just because I can do all these things doesnt mean I need to, and if you wanted to run a whole private operation, I could do that too - as long as you're OK with me promoting you and running Farm Camp!

You are: somewhat organized or welcoming of organization, communicative, reflective, fun and motivated person. You are grounded, smart, capable, committed to sustainability/renewable energy/organics and financially ready with at least 30,000 cash. If you have $100,000 you'd be coming in with equal skin in the game. Priority will be given to those with business, berry, perennial, sugaring or livestock experience, although money and a passion for hard-work and follow through could "trump" that, and I'm open to other enterprise ideas.  Just no veggie CSA, to avoid competing with my neighbors.

Write to me with your responses, or just call. Come walk the land, look at photos, meet and talk, tell me what you agree and disagree with. I've had at least one very strong potential partner come by, and time is ticking for 2017 season. 

Lisa Holderness

Brook Meadow Farm & Farm Camp (formerly Deer Ridge Farm & Farm Camp)

799 Upper Dummerston Road

Brattleboro, VT 05301

(802) 490-0581

(802) 251-0353